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Any Company or Business Entity can market its products or services through using our high qualityBillboards that are placed at locations that can attract customer attention.
To obtain any of our Billboards, one needs to visit us or contact us to check any available Billboards, one of the team members will then avail you with a proposal, then you sign an agreement stating location, duration and the amount to be paid, Adman Source then starts its work on such a Billboard.

We have the following categories for hire.

Rough Terrain, All Terrain, Crawlers, Tower Cranes, Folk Lifts, Telehandlers, Track Cranes, Man Lift and others

We offer flexible means of payments i.e. Monthly, Quarterly and other periodic means of payments.

We have billboards all around Uganda in all major cities and towns.

We offer billboards, Street furniture advertisement, street signage and others

Main Office
1st Floor Kati House, Kyagwe Road-Nakasero.

Kampala – Uganda.

Our Yard
Entebbe Road – Zana Valley Opposite Uganda Baati Show Room.

Our Workshop
Zana on Nyamama road, junction to Garden Hotel.

We are The Best in The Business

You are warmly welcome to the Buildbase Contractors Limited website,

Our Company started in 2001 and time to time has marked a tremendous steadily growth and is still growing stronger.
We thank our Clients who are both from Government and private for the good cooperation we have held for all the years.

Our staff is deeply involved in best output and is passionate about quality work. It is with great pleasure to work with a committed Technical and Professional team.

It is impossible to speak of the Adman Source & Contacts Ltd without saying a word about our support staff.
These people are without a doubt one of the most important in our Company; we could not get along without them. The dedication of this wonderful team is remarkable.

Finally, since Adman Source has become one the most leading, credible and Client-Focused Company in Uganda, we are proud to say that at this time our competitors are globally focused.
This has put Adman Source on the World map and with web; we shall be able to aim even higher as year come by!

We promise to implement more of our services globally. Together let us raise the standard of our Company. For God and My Country!


Alex Jenvalski